Many faces of Jen photo collage

Actor 🎬
Comedian 😂
Entertainer 💃

Playwright 🎭
Writer /Author 📝
Host / MC 🎤

Jenny L. Saldaña has been called all of these things. However, what she is most proud of is being called a survivor. Ever since being diagnosed, treated and beating breast cancer in 2006, she’s been a cancer survivor Warrior Queen.

 She has also been called the BOOB WHISPERER for all the work she does for women diagnosed with breast cancer, a title she has embraced and wears with honor. Jenny spreads cancer health awareness with her very candid comedy style and will always help anyone newly diagnosed with cancer navigate the devastating news and next steps.

Jenny grew up in Washington Heights, way up in the northern part of New York City before you hit the Bronx. Then she went to high school in Miami. For college, she went back north and received a degree in theatre arts from the University of Pittsburgh. Now her home base is at the center of the universe in New York City and she wouldn’t have it any other way. You can catch her performing all over NYC and beyond!